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New Connections on the Horizon in Carbon Hill
By Fred McCallum, President — AT&T Alabama

Carbon Hill has been proposed by AT&T as one of two locations in the country where we will implement a new trial technology program overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This will serve as the model for providing our customers with access to our ultra-fast, Internet-based network.

What we learn together in Carbon Hill will enable cities, small towns and rural communities across America to take advantage of this communications technology.

We are excited to work with our customers, to hear about their experiences and to understand what we can do to make their transition to the future of technology safe, easy, simple and seamless. We will be on the ground in Carbon Hill talking to customers about their communications needs, so that we can find solutions and put them in place — both here in Alabama and around the country.

I am excited that Carbon Hill has been selected for this trial. AT&T and our Alabama employees are proud to be a part of the fabric of our state. We live and work here; we send our children and grandchildren to the local schools; we cheer on the local sports teams; and we shop at the local stores. We know we provide more than just a service; we are connecting our friends, our neighbors and our communities to another. This trial will help ensure that AT&T can continue giving Carbon Hill, and all of Alabama, the efficient, reliable and affordable connections they want.

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Keeping Carbon Hill Connected & Informed: An Update

Posted by Terri Williams, Regional Director for Legislative and External Affairs for AT&T Alabama on March 19, 2015

Learning how to use a tabletIt’s been a little over a year since AT&T announced its intention to select Carbon Hill as one of two locations nationwide for a trial technology program. Over the past twelve months, we’ve held a number of public events and information sessions in Carbon Hill to talk about this program and what it means for our customers in Carbon Hill. We’ve met community members and leaders in their homes, at the high school and the Carbon Hill Community center; participated in meetings with local organizations and had the opportunity to be involved in great events like Hillfest.

Group help for mobile devicesJust this week, we held our latest multigenerational “Technology 101” training session with Carbon Hill seniors and high school students. Since last year we have held a number of these events in order to work with residents of all ages to provide hands-on experience with smartphones and tablets. This week’s training session – like those we have held before -  helped demonstrate the real benefits these connections provide, and how easy and seamless they can make things like staying in touch with friends and family, getting healthcare information, or just checking the weather forecast. Carbon Hill high school student members of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) worked one-on-one with Carbon Hill senior citizens to help them learn how to use tablets, and to answer questions about this technology.

In February of last year, when the trial technology program was first announced, we emphasized our commitment to the Carbon Hill community. Being here in the community, talking to customers and Carbon Hill residents, answering questions and providing information, keeping you informed – those are all things that we wanted to do over the past year, and all things that we will keep doing in the weeks, months and years to come. The events and activities that we’ve held to date are just the beginning.

As part of this, we will continue to hold events, organize activities, and have information sessions. Upcoming information session dates (held at the Carbon Hill Community Center) for the next few months are: March 24, April 7, April 28, May 5 and May 19th. Information about upcoming events and about how to get in touch with us if you have any questions is always available on our website:

We believe that the technologies, products and services that the technology trials will provide access to will benefit our customers, the larger Carbon Hill community and, eventually, communities across the United States. They will help our customers connect in all of the ways that they want to, whenever they want to, using whatever device they want to. They will make it easier for small business owners to connect with customers around the country, and access suppliers around the globe. They will help family members separated by miles share important events like blowing out the birthday candles in real-time. They will help teachers and doctors in communities like Carbon Hill connect to – and with - classrooms, experts and specialists across the country. And they’ll help sports fans manage their brackets and watch every second of the Sweet Sixteen, even when they are nowhere near their televisions.

As the trial progresses and into the future, we look forward to continuing to work with the Carbon Hill community to assure that our customers understand, and can take full advantage of, the connections and technologies that will most benefit them.

One on one lesson for a senior with an AT&T empolyee

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