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New Connections on the Horizon in Carbon Hill
By Fred McCallum, President — AT&T Alabama

Carbon Hill has been proposed by AT&T as one of two locations in the country where we will implement a new trial technology program overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This will serve as the model for providing our customers with access to our ultra-fast, Internet-based network.

What we learn together in Carbon Hill will enable cities, small towns and rural communities across America to take advantage of this communications technology.

We are excited to work with our customers, to hear about their experiences and to understand what we can do to make their transition to the future of technology safe, easy, simple and seamless. We will be on the ground in Carbon Hill talking to customers about their communications needs, so that we can find solutions and put them in place — both here in Alabama and around the country.

I am excited that Carbon Hill has been selected for this trial. AT&T and our Alabama employees are proud to be a part of the fabric of our state. We live and work here; we send our children and grandchildren to the local schools; we cheer on the local sports teams; and we shop at the local stores. We know we provide more than just a service; we are connecting our friends, our neighbors and our communities to another. This trial will help ensure that AT&T can continue giving Carbon Hill, and all of Alabama, the efficient, reliable and affordable connections they want.

Read more about the National Technology Trial.

AT&T sets up for Hillfest in downtown Carbon Hill

Posted by Terri Williams, Regional Director for Legislative and External Affairs for AT&T Alabama on September 22, 2014

No one can say that the Carbon Hill community doesn’t know how to maximize summertime family fun as long as possible. As the season slowly changes from summer to fall, Hillfest 2014 kicked off this past weekend with music from every generation and offered something fun for everyone in the family.

As many of you know, AT&T is working closely with the Carbon Hill community to share information and answer questions about the technology trials that we are conducting here, overseen by the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The purpose of the trials is to ensure that, as our country moves from older communications technologies to newer ones, everyone can enjoy the benefits of safe, reliable, modern connections.

Terri Williams, AT&T Alabama Regional Director, sets up for Hillfest in downtown Carbon Hill.

Terri Williams, AT&T Alabama Regional Director, sets up for Hillfest in downtown Carbon Hill.

Over the past several months, we’ve held information sessions, appeared at a wide range of meetings and talked to smaller groups throughout Carbon Hill, but Hillfest definitely stands out because of how much fun it was. AT&T had two booths, and we were able to talk to many Carbon Hill residents, reconnect with those who had attended our earlier meetings, and enjoy some great music and food. But it’s not just about great music and food – Hillfest was and is a great event because of the people in Carbon Hill and the tight-knit community. Our experiences in talking to members of the community about the trials have been nothing but helpful. People have been open to receiving information and thoughtful in their questions about the trials. At Hillfest, dozens of people asked to receive more information about the trials and to be a part of the ongoing conversation about bringing modern Internet-based technology to the Carbon Hill area.

At AT&T, one of our most important goals is bringing our customers access to the technologies they increasingly depend on in every facet of their lives – from home to work or school and everywhere in between. Modern connections are delivered over an IP network, which can connect a wide variety of products and devices – like tablets and smartphones  and support a number of services that the older, copper based network cannot offer. In Carbon Hill and across the country, people are increasingly using and depending on newer, IP-based products and services, and so we are working tirelessly in this trial to expand access to these newer technologies, and put solutions in place that assure that these technologies are safe, reliable, and that the transition forward is seamless for all.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with the people of Carbon Hill, and we have upcoming information sessions at the Carbon Hill Community Center on Oct. 14 and 28. You can find more details here. We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions for individuals or groups that we should be sure to talk with to make sure we do this right.

Not every meeting can be a celebration like Hillfest, but I’ve found that in Carbon Hill the spirit of community and connections is present no matter where we are.

Generations learning together

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Updating You On Our Progress in Carbon Hill

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Keeping Carbon Hill Connected

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